It’s Zenuari 2018!

I’m not a fan of “new year, new me” thingy, but in this very 2018, I feel like I need to start planning for my future seriously. My life was intentionally a mess. I always have goals, I do, but right now, I know I need to make everything very specific, and make deadlines for every goals I have without rushing it. Rushing things will be something I pull aside, because I plan to be a zen monk this year. Lol jk but yes, I plan to do things zen way like I did few years ago. (Including a little more drawing as a therapy to find peace.) It won’t hurt to start doing it again, right. I wrote these highlights about zen way of life in 2014 or so and I’m just gonna share it here, just because. So yeah, have a great 2018, fellas!

Zen things
Zen. (the words are from tumblr I guess, didn’t write the credit sorry)


Start somewhere.

Reading through my old diary journal makes me realize how much I’ve grown. The way I see things now is somehow different. Guess I’m pretty much older now.

Some people told me I didn’t change after years. They said I still looked the same (some said I got prettier though, lol), and my personality didn’t change much. Well, most of the people I know don’t change much either. Or maybe, I deny to see them differently, just because I don’t want them to change. Oh but who am I to judge.

One thing I learned about myself lately is, I repressed a lot. Rather than being a present-hedonistic who tries to seek pleasure in everything I do, which is me some times ago, I get more and more transcendental-futuristic. Not because I want to, but because I realized that I have to. For me, being (so-called) “spiritual” changes a lot of aspects in my life. And change is never easy, right, especially when the change is vast and fast. I know I just gotta start somewhere, rather than complaining how hard it is. I’m still trying to accept this urge to change, and of course it will be a bumpy road, but change is good.

Change for the better is good.

“Be Yourself.”

Kata-kata super klise dan used everywhere by everyone sampai-sampai terasa basi dan maknanya hilang. Apa sih sebenernya jadi diri sendiri itu? Diri yang mana? For all I know, setiap orang bisa memiliki lebih dari satu karakter, tergantung bersama siapa dia berada dan dalam situasi yang bagaimana.

But oddly, it feels kind of different when you’re the one who said it.”Jadi diri sendiri aja kali, Da.” Tiga bulan yang lalu, setelah cerita betapa Jakarta membuatku feels so fucking lonely, you only said “Kenapa harus bergantung sama orang lain sih.” Damn, we are social creatures and that’s why we need others, so I thought. But hey, since when I categorize myself as someone ‘social’? Lol jk.

My point is, kata-kata ini yang membuat aku sadar aku sudah mulai salah arah. Dan kemudian banting setir saat itu juga. AHA moment, they called it. I didn’t know myself back then, so I seek for it, bit by bit. And now, my life is somehow different. Not easy, but I’m getting through it. Lose some, get some. So, really, I sincerely thank you for your cliche advice. 🙂

(I’m really bad at picking titles, ugh)

7 cardinal rules

I’ve been feeling down lately because of some reasons and, I don’t know, I’m just sad. I’m not really open when it comes to sharing my personal problem with my friends, so people always think that I’m a happy and carefree person. Whenever I met someone, most of times, they’d start with, “You look happy”, “You’re glowing”, or “What happened? Your smile makes me want to smile.” Well yeah probably I’m really good at faking smiles and hiding my misery lol.

Anyway, I found the quote above from tumblr which literally makes me smile and really brings me up, so I remade it and I think I might as well share it with everyone out there. Cheer up and radiate the good vibes, man!