My work in 2015 called “Peace”.

A lot of things changed in the last two months. I left my job and also some other important parts of my life to find another side of me, but what I found is, another side of life. If you ask me, am I happy now? I don’t know. Maybe I am, or maybe not really.

I’ve always thought that I need to be happy. That was forever my life plan, actually. I always seek for happiness, I get it from the excitement of new things, new people, new places, new experience. But then, I realize that being “at peace” is far more valuable. “Peace” isn’t something you seek. I can buy a pair of shoes to feel happy, even though it’s just pseudo-happiness. Ha. But being at peace is different, it ain’t something you can buy with money, or something that can be planned.

So, if you ask me, am I happy now? I will still answer: I don’t know. Maybe the question ain’t relevant no more. All I want now is to be constantly at peace.

Wardah #ColorChallenge Blog Contest

Sudah lebih dari tujuh bulan saya bergabung dengan PT Paragon Technology and Innovation sebagai PLDP Promosi Wardah Cosmetics. Siapa yang menyangka, seseorang seperti saya yang sama sekali tidak memiliki latar belakang di bidang marketing maupun kosmetik, bisa menjadi seperti sekarang ini.  Pengalaman selama beberapa bulan terakhir bagaikan merubah saya dari sebuah benih kecil, menjadi sebuah tanaman yang saat ini sedang tumbuh kembang. Ditanam, disiram dan dipupuk oleh berbagai jenis pengalaman dan pembelajaran mengesankan selama di Jakarta saat training, maupun di Makassar, tempat sekarang saya belajar dan menerapkan kembali setiap hasil pembelajaran yang saya dapatkan. (more…)

Let’s Do Zentangle!

Some of you may have heard about this type of art. I can proudly say that I’m one of those many artists who do zentangle a lot! I’ve done a lot of zen-arts since last year. You could check them on my instagram. Now I’m about to tell you some points about zentangle, get your pens ready! (more…)